Country Investigators

At this advanced stage of the project, we have commitment from over 45 countries (see the list of countries on another page).  Country investigators from these countries have either completed data collection or are nearing completion. The data collection effort requires collecting data from 10-15 IT employees from 25 organizations, yielding a country minimum sample size of 300 responses. The direct benefits to the country investigators from joining the World IT Project are the following: 
  • Get readymade instrument and procedures. The main effort is in data collection.
  • Have access to the best expertise.
  • Will have co-authorship in several publications. This will include co-authorship using data from your country and co-authorship in comparative studies that include your country.
  • Will have international colleagues to collaborate with.
  • Tremendous opportunities for growth 
Their roles and responsibilities include the following:
  • Commit to the project and collect quality data in a timely manner.
  • Assist in writing.
  • Be responsive to project requests and deadlines.
  • Attend an annual meeting of the group to discuss project progress and results.
In summary, the World IT Project will have several deliverables which will significantly enhance our understanding of the global IT environment.  It will have direct benefits for private and public organizations at the national and international level by providing them a systematic assessment of the needs and issues of IT employees in organizations across the globe; thus enabling them to carefully address the problems and opportunities associated with such needs.  As for research, it will encourage diversity in research and the use of multiple paradigms beyond the current U.S. centric and western views.  It will promote research in regions of the world under-represented in the IT literature.  Most of all, it would encourage research collaboration among researchers across the world leading to higher synergy, relevance, and quality; and greatly enhance research efficiency through the provision of a central repository of reliable worldwide data.