Journal Papers

The following is a list of published journal papers.  Click the paper title to view the full paper.

Scholtz, B., Van Belle, J.P., Nienga, K., Serenko. A., and Palvia, P. “The Role of Job Satisfaction in Turnover and Turn-Away Intention of IT Staff in South Africa.” Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management. Forthcoming. Volume 14, 2019.

Porto Bellini, C., Palvia, P., Moreno, V., Jacks, T., and Graeml, A.R. “Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Study of IT Professionals during a National Crisis,” Information Technology & People. Forthcoming. Accepted November 2018.

Palvia, P., Ghosh, J., Jacks, T., Serenko, A. and Turan, A. “Trekking the Globe with the World IT Project,” Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research. March 2018.

Palvia, P., Jacks, T., Ghosh, J., Licker, P., Livermore, C., Serenko, A., and Turan, A. “The World IT Project: History, Trials, Tribulations, Lessons, and Recommendations,” Communications of the Association for Information Systems. Vol. 41 , Article 18, Nov. 2017.