Project Phases

Project phases are described below.

  1. Develop an instrument.  This step was completed in 2014.  Previous studies are characterized by great variation in the underlying instruments making comparisons across time and countries difficult.  There is definitely a need to achieve some level of uniformity in instruments used across studies.  The instrument was developed, and went through pre-testing and pilot testing for validation.
  2. Identify countries/regions and country investigators.  Our goal was to get data representing major regions of the world. The proposed project required data collection from different countries, representing different cultures, levels of economic growth, religious beliefs and political systems. We asked for country investigators to develop a plan for their country and then signed an MOU. This stage is complete and we have data from 37 countries.
  3.  Identify grant sources. Several countries have obtained grant from their universities, goverment agencies, and external bodies.
  4.  Data Collection and Cleansing.  The data collection was completed at the end of 2017. We have full data from 37 countries. With both manual screening and statistical tests, the data has been cleaned.  At this time we have more than 11,000 observations from 37 countries.
  5. Analysis and Reporting.  Analysis will include single country findings, cross-country comparisons, and industry-specific analyses.   We disseminate our findings in a number of ways, such as conference presentations, journal publications, and books.   By the completion of this project, we plan to write more than 20 journal papers, more than 40 conference papers, and couple of books.